Essay about The Environment And Global Warming

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For many centuries humanity has relied on the environment for a number of resources, but now it is becoming too serious. The resources we need are harming innocent creatures, and even putting humans lives in danger. The world needs resources to survive, but it is getting out of hand. The world needs to be safer while extracting these resources and needs to learn how to use a safe amount without causing damage to the world. The world is killing our environment with needs which have lead to a decline in resources, a decline in the environment and global warming. If the environment is going to survive for future generations, the consumer society will have to dramatically decline its use of resources, mostly by being safer when extracting resources and not extracting more than the world needs at the moment.
To start off, the world needs to be safer while extracting resources. The world does need resources, but they do not need to harm the world in order to get them. For example, their need for oil in the world has caused many disasters to animals and even humans. In the essay “Squeaky Clean” the author Monica Potts discusses the effects from the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. The author discusses the commercial by dawn and says “Disheartening images of oil-covered birds permeate our national consciousness”(Potts 518). The need for oil has caused a lot of damage to water animals and even land creatures. The need for resources harms people too. Many men have died from working…

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