Essay on The Ennui Of The Intelligent Machine

1978 Words Oct 17th, 2016 8 Pages
Nicholas Carr, a well renowned author, wrote an article titled “The Ennui of the Intelligent Machine,” discussing the development of artificial intelligence. Carr starts by quoting one of David Byrne, scottish-born american musician, songs “Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.” Carr goes on to counter the lyrics stated by asking the question, if heaven is a place where nothing happens, those that mean the hell the complete opposite of heaven is a place where it is eventful? Carr later states that if this is true then we are living in hell on earth. Then Carr goes on to talk about an article he read talking about how Google engineers have found a way to put computer power into computer learning, creating neutral networks that can learn without human assistance. The computer programs decide which data structures they work on rather than humans deciding for them. Carr wraps up the article stating that when the time comes that computers get bored of doing work assigned is when we know that artificial intelligence has arrived. Carr is trying to warn us about the development of artificial intelligence, and the outcomes of it. I agree with the statements made in Carr 's article about artificial intelligence development and possible outcome of the advancement of artificial intelligence with machine learning. The tone used by Carr in the article sounds like he 's not scared of artificial intelligence taking over, until it gets to the end of the article when there is a…

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