Essay on The Enlightenment Revolutionary Scientific Era

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The Enlightenment a revolutionary scientific era when philosopher’s contributions to society made an impact on colonial thinking. Among these influential intellectuals were Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes, John Locke, Isaac Newton Algernon Sydney, Charles de Montesquieu and Denis Diderot. Throughout The Enlightenment era philosophers new ideas questioned the monarchies and the church who supported them. During the awakening times of The Enlightenment, society began to expand the way of thinking. People found rational ideology through science, which than enabled freedom, political and legal equality. Philosophy, science, sociology, economic laws, politics and religion findings helped the evolution of this era. Untimely leading to one of Americans most important and recognized document in history, The Declaration of Independence.
One of the fist pamphlets to advocate the American independence was “Common Sense” published in 1776 by Thomas Paine. In this pamphlet he argues that independence was a “natural right.” During the 17th century American colonist and British soldiers began the Revolutionary war. The movement for independence from Great Britain was in full effect. The continental congress meeting in Philadelphia appointed a committee of five, the delegates were forced to vote on the issue. The five man committee were given the task to draft a formal document explaining the reasons for leaving England. The document would later become known as the Declaration of…

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