The End Of The Zhou Dynasty Essay

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Towards the end of the Zhou Dynasty (1100-221 BCE), three main philosophies emerged in response to the disorder of the warring states period: Daoism, Legalism, and Confucianism. These three philosophies played a great role in the development of China and were all utilized at some point in Chinese history. Of the three, Confucism has easily been the most influential in the development of the Chinese state through history. Confucism developed almost 2,500 years ago as a social and political philosophy with religious overtones. It would come to play a great role in Chinese practice and life. “Lead them by means of regulations and keep order among them through punishments, and the people will evade them and will lack any sense of shame. Lead them through moral force and keep order among them through tires, and they will have a sense of shame and will also correct themselves” (The Analects). The originator of Confucius, Kong Qiu, believed that heaven and the afterlife were too advanced for humans to understand, and so one should focus on doing the right things during the time on earth. Sources indicate that he taught an attitude toward one’s fellow humans of respect, particularly respect for one’s parents, rulers, and elders. The core concepts of Confucism center around the ideas of ren, or humaneness, xiao, or filial respect, and li, or ritual propriety. A clear social hierarchy in family and state was to exist, but everyone was to be treated with kindness. Just because one…

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