Essay about The End Of The Civil War

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In May of 1865 the Civil War officially ended. This brought the country back together, though tensions were still high, and the bloodiest conflict America had faced ended. This would soon bring an end of slavery in 1868, but that only technically freed slaves. Indentured servitude and systemic discrimination still ran rampart. In 1870 the 15th amendment was ratified which banned racial discrimination in voting, but that was actually somewhat negative because people felt the need to take in upon themselves to stop black people from voting through intimidation and violent attacks. Then almost 3 decades later in 1896 the “Separate but Equal” act was passed stating that blacks and whites could be separated but still fundamentally equal.
However these race issues had to put on hold when World War 1 broke out. 3 years into the war America joined in and with this extra help the war came to a swift end. Since Germany was responsible for the war starting and they had lost, they were forced to pay all the expenses. While this was happening America was going through what was labeled the “Roaring 20’s” in which America had the best economy they have ever had. However, all that ended in 1929 when Germany’s economy collapsed and as a result started a domino effect called the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a dark point in history. Not only did the economy completely plummet, but it was the worst decade for farmers who couldn’t manage to grow anything across the country. The…

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