The End Of A Marriage Essay

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The End of a Marriage The end of marriage is never easy, but sometimes it just has to be done. The end of my marriage was something I struggled with for years. The relationship was on and off life support for more years than it was healthy. If I am honest, it was a problem before it even began. I did not want to accept that I had failed at marriage. I believed that if I only worked harder and wanted it more, it would succeed. Admitting that I was not able to save this union was not an easy task, in the end it was my husband that walked out on our family. Finally, after years of lies and chaos, I filed for divorced ending my marriage and my second life began. Beginnings are fun, that rush of butterflies and ache at the same moment. We began easily enough, a chance meeting of two mutual friends who in turn introduced us. My best friend would wear this blotch of "the one who introduced Chris to Gary" for years to come. Of course, it was not her fault; the truth is I didn 't even care for Gary at first. But his persistence paid off, and we became inseparable. I fell head over heels for the boy whom no one understood. He was funny and charismatic. Gary had this way about him that made everyone think he could and would do anything for you. He became a fixture in our home, and my father gave him a job at his gas station.
There were many red flags in those first months. He told dozens of lies from his name and age to the fact he had been away in a juvenile delinquent home for…

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