The End And The Beginning Essay

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Literature in Translation: “The End and the Beginning” Contrast Essay “After every war/ someone has to clean up./ Things won’t pick/ themselves up, after all.” (trans.Baranczak and Cavanagh 1-4). A war of enormous proportions has just come to an end and left the city in devastation in Wislawa Szymborska 's poem, “The End and the Beginning.” The city is now in terrible conditions, and the citizens are forced to clean it up along with all the memories to be thrown away from the war. In stanzas seven and eight the reader understands that some people have no idea what happened in the war, but others have a vivid memory if the event that they now have to, “...trudge through sludge and ashes/ through the sofa springs,/ shards of glass/ the bloody rags.” (trans.Baranczak and Cavanagh 9-13). The people who were around during the war are now forced to tell stories and relive the awful memories that they never wanted to feel again. They are forced to tell those stories to those people who were not actually present during the war. The media is forced to go through the same routine that they have done once again, “...And the cameras have gone/ to other wars.” (trans.Baranczak and Cavanagh 20-21). The citizens quickly learn that the reporters don’t care about the after mass of the war, they only care about what the public is eager to hear. The reporters and the public only want to hear the stories about action and war, thus the reason why they left right as the war was ending. The…

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