Essay on The Emigration And The Effects On Thai Society

1375 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
The constant movement of workers have drastically increase over several centuries in Thailand. The migration flow of people in and out of Thailand has been a major factor in society and economic development. While cultural infusion of immigration communities in Thailand has made the country culturally diverse, wide spread inequality among native and immigrant demographics remain. Scholars often note economics as being a main driving factor for migration flow in developing nations similar to Thailand. However, Thailand uncommonly varies from other states in its category by being a predominant sending-country of labor source for the global market and a main destination of receiving-country to its neighboring countries (Pholphirul). This paper aim to explore both emigration and immigration of labors in Thailand and the effects on Thai society.
Thailand has a unique history of international migration, predominately with immigration than emigration. Since the 15th century, Han Chinese merchants and labors migrated to Thailand for better economic opportunities. This migration trend has continuously expanded as Thailand host the largest overseas Chinese community with nine million people, making up approximately 14% of Thai population (Central Intelligence Agency ). The Chinese community has had tremendous influence on Thai society in all aspects such as cultural fusion of food, entertainment, traditions, while Chinese descendants maintain a strong presence in modern Thai business…

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