The Emergency Room ( Er ) At Lenox Hill Hospital Essay

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“Every single day you learn something new,” Nurse Medina says, “ and if you look at everything there is usually never a double moment.” Medina works in the Emergency Room (ER) at Lenox Hill Hospital where she experiences different situations that occur in the department. Nursing is as simple as it sounds. Working twelve-hour shifts with different scenarios every day is arduous for the nurse practitioner that manages the ER. Working in the ER to save a life may sound a bit cliche, “But when you can really save a life that is worth saving what I mean of worth saving is that the person will have a good outcome. Then it makes a big difference.” Working your way up to be a nurse practitioner takes a lot of commitment and education. after graduating college Nurse Medina went to the University of Delaware with a full ride. Pristinely, she wanted to become a doctor, but she got really ill and had to leave the University. After, a year of surgery she applied to Molloy College to finish her studies. However, most of her credits weren’t received by most colleges. Nurse Medina decided to go to Molloy College because it received 30 credits out of 90. However, most of her credits received were taken as elective credits. Furthermore, Molloy College offered her to take an accelerated program in nursing. After three years of taking the accelerated program she took the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Nurse Medina says, “At the end of your four years you are going to do the…

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