The Emergency Room At St. Church And Medical Leave Act Essay examples

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On July 22, 2013, Smith visited her doctor with complaints of lower back pain. Her physician was unable to diagnose the source of the pain, but suggested that Smith get a CT scan to assess her kidneys. Smith went to the emergency room at St. Mary’s Hospital to get the CT scan. The scan was unremarkable, however, and Smith was diagnosed with renal pain of an unknown etiology. Although her treating physician saw no reason to admit her to the hospital, Smith requested that she remain for observation overnight, and her request was granted. The following day, July 23, 2013, Smith was absent from work and informed Knutson that she would be unable to work that day. Smith asked Knutson to start the process for a leave request under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Knutson did not begin the FMLA process and instead gave Smith her tenth and final occurrence. On July 25, 2013, Knutson, Paulson, and Wayne Crosse met with Smith. At that meeting, Smith was informed that she was being terminated for reaching the maximum number of occurrences allowed under Mayo’s attendance policy. Knutson’s name was on the termination papers, but she asserts that Crosse made the decision to terminate Smith. Smith appealed the decision to Mayo’s internal Appeals Committee. In her appeal, Smith focused on the events of July 22 to 25, 2013. She only made general references to the retaliation by her supervisors. Mayo’s Appeals Committee overturned Smith’s termination. The Appeals Committee…

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