Essay on The Emancipation Of Women By Qassim Amin

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In Islam, compulsory veil has become a contentious issue. The criticism about hijab regarding Islamic dressing style in which women were supposed to cover their heads and necks with veils became a hot debate during the 19th century. Qassim Amin’s book, The Emancipation of Women (Tahrir Al-Mar’a) is about the liberation of women in the 19th century. In his book, Amin made it clear that he was convinced that women were equal to men, and veiling was mainly done as a customary habit (Ahmed 36). The reason why the book was significant because Amin defended the right not to wear veil. Women contested that there would be no compulsion regarding the wearing of veil. Before 1979, women did not have to fight for their rights in Islam; they had no choice but to wear veil covering their heads and neck. Today, the practice is being abandoned as more Muslim women dwell on fashion industry by wearing miniskirts and abandoning veil to the tugging fabrics of ancient rules about how women should dress. However even during the 19th century, the debate was no longer about if women should wear Islamic dress, but the defiance against the traditional order imposed on them the concentrated on accusations of immorality, heresy, promiscuity, depending on how women were supposed to behave and the types of dresses to wear. The essay will show that the debate on whether Muslim women should wear the veil centers on rules that the Muslim society enforced on women in the name of religion.
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