The Elizabethan Era Essay

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What would the world be like if the only food eaten was dictated by the social class system? What if only the rich could have Starbucks because they could afford to pay for their tiredness? Well, the Elizabethan Era social class system of 1558-1603 did exactly that; it dictated the diet of the poor and the wealthy. Similar to today, meal plans of the Elizabethan Era followed a strict and structured format that included multiple meals per day (Alchin 5). All social classes ate the three usual meals, breakfast, dinner, and supper, but did not mind skipping a meal if had too. The Elizabethan Royalty and Nobility were known by the common people for their luxury banquets and exquisite meals. The most magnificent of all the banquets were the ones that were held by the royalty. Queen Elizabeth’s father was always in competition with the King of France over who held the best banquets (Alchin 2). Since the workweek was long and tough, the banquets were a place for people to have fun and relax. Banquets were about food and entertainment, but what truly flaunted the wealth of the host was the plating presentations, the diverse variety of lavish meat, and the decorations surrounding the cuisine (Alchin 2). Since meat was abundant and refrigeration was not invented, they used preservatives such as salt to keep the meat from going bad. This technique is still used today, but we have more efficient ways. The rich and privileged class enjoyed meats such as crab, mussels, and cockles,…

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