The Elements Of Gothic Elements Essay

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The Use of Gothic Elements

Gothic elements are a literary style that adds mystery, emotion, and plot twists to a novel. The term “gothic” also refers to the architectural structure of medieval castles and manors, which is one of the many elements. The use of gothic elements originated in England and were popular in the 1800’s after Horace Walpole wrote The Castle of Otranto in 1764, which contains essentially all of the genre’s elements. The use of gothic elements is enhancing to literature because it adds emotion and suspense to writing, it summarizes the Victorian era of England in the 1800’s, and it creates an intensity in writing that keeps the reader interested. The gothic element, known as “women in distress”, is the idea of female characters experiencing dramatic events that leave them scared, fainting, in despair, or crying and sobbing. The main character in a gothic novel is often a lonely, oppressed, and wistful heroine, which makes her sufferings the general focus. Jane becomes a woman in distress when Mr. Brocklehurst says “Teachers, you must watch her: keep your actions, punish her body to save her soul- if, indeed, such salvation be possible, for (my tongue falters while I tell it) this girl, this child, the native of a Christian land, worse than many a little heathen who says its prayers to Brahma and kneels before Juggernaut – this girl is- a liar!” (Brontë, 79). Mr. Brocklehurst, the superintendent of the school, uses Mrs. Reed’s words against Jane and…

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