The Electoral College Of The United States Essay

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The Electoral College
When the founding fathers wrote the constitution, there was conflict on who would determine the president of the United States. While, some believed the President should be elected by Congress, others believed that it should be popular vote by citizens. Hence, the Electoral College was established as a compromise. Conversely, the concept of the Electoral College wasn’t introduced in the Constitution until the 12th Amendment. According to BOOK TITLE the Electoral College is, "DEFINITION HERE" (Dye & Gaddie, 2014). Additionally, the Electoral College is important in our political system, due to the growing disinterests in politics in our country, but with the growing polarization between the parties has caused conflicts on the reliability of the Electoral College in addition to whether or not it accurately represents the citizens.
What is the Electoral College and what is its purpose? It’s a number of assigned Electoral (representatives) for each state, that is based on population. It was established in the 12th Amendment as a compromise between Congress and the citizens popular vote electing the President of the United States. The current combination of votes total from the states is at 538, the first candidate to reach 270 electoral votes is the next President of the United States. Because of this the popular votes do not always reflect the winner of the Electoral College.
The groundwork for the Electoral College, is the amount of Electoral votes that…

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