The Election Process Of The United States Essay

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The United States finally began to awaken and increase the number of investigations into the corrupt election process. In 1888, Massachusetts became the first state to adopt the Australian ballot; all other states did the same by 1891, representing a considerable maturation in elections throughout the United States’ history (Lepore).
Presently, the “Australian ballot” has developed into an important cog in the United States’ democratic process. Besides its secrecy, the ballot has developed various mechanisms to help combat different electoral abuses. The state is now responsible for printing and distributing tickets. The state ensures that all ballots are “made available under controlled conditions governing the time and location of the administration of the election” (Wingfield). In addition, each ballot is marked to prevent repeat voters.
However, just as the secret ballot has advanced throughout history so has modern technology. Smart phones and miniature cameras now make it easy to take photos everywhere one goes; social media makes it even easier to share them. The New Hampshire legislature’s attempts to protect the ballot from these influences resulted in the controversial statute and the lawsuit with the ACLU. The United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire overturned the ban on “ballot selfies” (Hannon). Indiana passed a similar statute and was also challenged by the ACLU, resulting in the the United States District Court Southern District…

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