The Election Of President Obama Essay

836 Words Mar 21st, 2016 4 Pages
On Tuesday March 15th, Marco Rubio delivered is concessional speech thus suspending his Presidential campaign. His speech was filled with passion and emotion as he gave is final wishes for the country that he had tried so desperately to represent. He first addressed the people, not only of Florida but also across the nation who had so fearlessly supported him in his campaign. Rubio simply didn 't have the support that candidates such as Donald Trump, who won Rubio’s home state of Florida, had. He battled fearlessly, but the outcome was inevitable. “People are frustrated.” Senator Rubio addressed the state of our economy since the election of President Obama. American prosperity has plummeted since Obama has taken over the country, and the President has shrouded the eyes of the American people to his true motives. People are tired of being told that they don 't know what they are talking about by “self-proclaimed elitists” in the words of Rubio. Immigration is one of the current issues debated by the candidates, but there is a right way to go about handling it. We are living through extraordinary economic transformation and it is affecting many lives in a negative manner. America simply can go on in its current state. People are losing their jobs as well. “I know firsthand that we live in a special country, because where you come from doesn 't decide where you get to go.” His father was a bartender and his mother was a maid, and even someone under those…

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