The Effects Of World War II On The World Essay

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World War II lasted from September first, nineteen-thirty-nine through September second, nineteen-forty-five. In nineteen-eighteen, After World War I, Germany was prohibited from having armed forces. Then in nineteen-thirty-three, Germans voted Adolf Hitler as their new leader who quickly armed his country once again. Hitler wasted no time to try and capture new land from other countries to make Germany a stronger country. World war II had a major impact on many different parts of the world.
The countries of the War split into two sides. They were either a part of the Allied Powers or the Axis Powers. In each power, every country played an important role in the War. The Allied Powers included the United States, Britain, France, USSR, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, and many more smaller countries. The goal of the Allied powers was to take down Hitler in Germany, and later Japan in the Pacific. The Axis Powers included Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, and many more smaller countries. Their main goal in the war was to control all of Asia and Europe. Germany also wanted to have a master race throughout their country.
At the time, the President of The United States was Franklin D. Roosevelt. The United States was actually a neutral country until the attack on pearl Harbor on December seventh, nineteen-forty-one. On the day that Japan, Germany, and Italy attacked the United States, they declared war onto the Axis Powers and thus joined the Allied Powers. Even though the…

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