The Effects Of World War I Essay

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The effects of World War I were felt worldwide during 1914 to 1918. It did not only affect the countries that were participating in it; it also affected those who were not. Erich Maria Remarque crafts an excellent account of World War I in All Quiet on the Western Front, in which the brutality of the war when it was being fought is portrayed through Paul Baumer, a soldier’s, eyes. The high casualty and death rate of young German soldiers and the negative impact of the war on the German society contributed to the changing views of the War for soldiers in combat because it gave them a new perspective on the way they saw their future and the world. Paul and his friends had a different opinion of the war after they saw what destruction it could cause. The War was highly traumatizing because soldiers saw numerous deaths right before their eyes, and the results were not in the Germans’ favor. The German soldiers took on the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that came from the war. The German society also took on physical, emotional, and mental challenges in order to contribute to the war effort, although they were not to the same extent as those who suffered from having to support the weight of Germany. German society was negatively affected by World War I. For example, the blockade of German ports by Great Britain decreased imports from other countries (Downey, Green, Katzman, Markowitz, Moyer, 50-51). Trade was made possible through shipping by means of bodies of…

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