The Effects Of Water Quality On The East And West End Of Dug Run

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Urban areas contribute pollutants that wash off of areas that are not native to the area (Sanders, et. Al. 2001). These pollutants caused by urban areas contribute the deterioration of water quality in stream and runs which make up a significant part of the bodies of water in the state of Ohio. Water quality is crucial for the fish and macroinvertebrates species that can sustain a community in that specific body of water, any change in this quality can change the entire diversity and richness of the body of water and have implications further down the road whether it be positive or negative. I believe there is a difference in the fish communities on the east and west end of Dug Run that was locate on the campus of the University of Northwestern Ohio due to the difference in water quality and difference in the species diversity of the fish located in the run.


Water quality is defined in three separate parts consisting of physical habitats, water Chemistry, and biological diversity; which can determine if the stream has great quality with there being an abundance of species and specimens that might only live in areas with the best quality of water that are located in areas dense in trees that are scarcely populated. Other species thrive in a body of water with poor quality that contains mainly pollution tolerant species and located in population density areas such as cities and towns (Sanders et al. 2001). These changes are not only an effect…

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