Essay on The Effects Of Us Poverty : The Poor Man 's Health

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The Effects of US Poverty: The Poor Man 's Health: An Annotated Bibliography

The UCSF 's article on poverty and disease aims to inform the readers that poverty and disease are economically linked, and that our current system for treating such diseases could be greatly improved. Children who are raised in poverty experience multiple mental deficiencies because of their chaotic and stressful rearing. Poverty may also be tied to chronic illnesses, such as diabetes. Research and testing on children from homes in poverty conclude that poverty has a rather large impact on both the child 's physical health and mental health. Two of the largest factors in health deficiencies in poor families are poor exercise and unhealthy dieting. It is often unsafe to exercise in outdoor environments where poverty finds itself, and healthy foods are either too expensive or not sold around that neighborhood. Perhaps the most toxic component of a poor economical state is the sheer stress that poverty creates for those who live in it. The good news is that clinicians have a positive effect on those who live in poverty and may take away toxic stress from those who are under pressure. Researchers have significantly more biological proof that poverty is in dire need of pediatric attention now than ever. The time to take action is now!

pediatric residents of the Boston Medical Center observed a poor woman who asked for help regarding her taxes, the medical center founded the StreetCred service in…

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