The Effects Of Television On Teenagers ' Own Behavior Essay

1296 Words Jul 21st, 2015 6 Pages
Is the constant bombardment of violent and explicit sexual images in media desensitizing our society? By constantly watching sexual or violent images the content may start to lose its shock value overtime. Once it loses its thrill new technologies are created to regain society’s interest. New virtual technology allows for user to blur the line between reality and fantasy.
TV: The average American teenager watches three hours of television a day. Scientist Rebecca Collins conducted a study to see if watching sexual behavior on TV influenced teenagers’ own behavior. In her results, she found that watching shows with sexual content has a considerable amount of influence on a teen. Collins found that young children who watched the highest amount of sexual content acted older than their age group. In a specific example, “a twelve-year-old who had consumed the highest amount of sexual content behaved like a fourteen or fifteen-year-old who had seen the lowest amount of sexual content.” On TV sex is often presented as a casual activity without risks or consequences. (Collins et al 542). A popular belief is that the images young viewers absorb encourages early sexual activity. “Young people who viewed a high amount of explicit sexual content were two times more likely to engage in sexual intercourse the following year” (Collins et al 543). Collins did mention that the TV isn’t the only culprit; different factors such as having older friends, getting lower grades, and skipping class,…

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