The Effects Of Suicide And Its Effect On Society Essay

1153 Words May 9th, 2016 5 Pages
One of the most personal choices one make along with bringing a life to this world is when one decides to take their own life that leaves a negative impact on the society. The podcast highlights the Hungarian society high rate of suicide, which is seen as act of bravery for freeing themselves and others of their misery. Suicide is probably the least understood yet many want answers for this crime by psychologists and sociologists alike. The answer is still remain mysterious except from the part of what race commit the most suicide, such as the act of suicide is higher in the White American than African American due to the influence of social class. Emile Durkheim was influential in bring a new understanding of suicide and the effects on society through a sociological study that brought the theory of suicide and its relationship to society. As I listen to the podcast, it became more interesting as it progressed, nevertheless in the beginning of the story Dan Everett, a missionary who went to the Amazon to convert the Peta Haan tribe but ends up becoming a believer of their traditions and culture, but also learn that suicide is completely unheard of. As a listener you learn, the Peta Haan has a pretty hard life, they have a high rate of malaria and kids mortality rate which in itself is pretty good reason for a society be morally weak or be overwhelmed with the lack of resources in their society to progress. This connects to Durkheim ‘s theory of “anomic suicide” when…

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