The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Children Essay

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Literature Review
In this country, there is an estimated 12 percent of children who lives with a parent(s) who has substance abuse problem (Rockville, The NSDUH Report: Child living with substance-depending or substance-abusing parent , 2009). A parental substance identified as a threat that influence for child maltreatment and child welfare involvement in the family (Hanson, Sel-Brown, Fricker-Elhai, & Kilpatrick, 2006). Research conducted by child protection services (CPS) classified parental substance abuse as one of the five key aspects that foreseen a report to CPS for abuse of neglect.Once an account has been found to be true that the parent has a substance abuse issue the child placed out of the home, and more than likely will stay in their placement lengthier than other children (Barth, Gibbons, & Guo, 2006). The impact that substance abuse has on the child has multifaceted impact indirect and direct for the family.Substance abuse can affect parenting of the child; the family can be chaotic and unpredictable. The child basic needs such as nutrition, supervision, and nurturing may go unmet which result in neglect. The parent may be incapable of controlling their stress and other emotions, which can lead to spontaneous and unpredictable behavior that may escalate to physical abuse. The risk of the child safety may differ depending upon the level and severity of parental use and associated adverse…

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