1984 Propaganda Analysis

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The act of brainwashing exists. Yes, the scientific version of brainwashing may only occur in sci-fi movies, however, a morphed version of it does in fact take place in reality. This form is commonly known as propaganda. In times of never ending war in the novel, 1984, the spread of misleading information plays a huge role in determining the direction of society. Written by George Orwell, the story takes place in the fictional society of Oceania, where one of its citizens, Winston Smith, struggles with his allegiance to the government. Oceania is solely controlled by the Party of INGSOC, otherwise known as English Socialism, which acts a dictator. Furthermore, the Party is primarily successful because of its highly influential propaganda that …show more content…
In society, the Party enforces strict rules that make sure that the freedom of the population is under control. These rules are accepted by the citizens, mostly due to the fear that they are not showing enough pride in their country. An example of this is the guidelines for childbirth in Oceania. Having a child is referred to as simply “a duty to the Party”. The underlying message within this statement of propaganda is that the government wants to limit human connection, therefore they make this law appeal to the people by talking it up as if it were an honor to serve their country. Equally so, in regards to war in 1984, propaganda is used to influence people to support their country, but specifically through triggering anger and violence within them. The Party purposefully chooses to remain in conflict with its neighboring lands, Eastasia and Eurasia, which benefits their own power in the end. The government spreads awful stories about its opponents in war and arranges public hangings of war prisoners to fire up a crowd and inspire them to root for their own people. The message is spread that anyone that refuses to support Oceania and its new rules will forever be a …show more content…
Orwell underlyingly explains in 1984 that the people of Oceania must mentally become Party-loving zombies in order to stay safe and off of the government’s radar. Since what they are told about the past and the present is alterable, the citizens cannot have their own individual beliefs as they are forced to agree with whatever the Party chooses to make up: “A Party member is expected to have no private emotions and no respites from enthusiasm. He is supposed to live in a continuous frenzy of hatred of foreign enemies and internal traitors, triumph over victories, and self-abasement before the power and wisdom of the Party” (Orwell 61). In this quote, from “Emmanuel Goldstein’s” novel, it reflects the intentions of the government to make everyone brain dead in order to fully submit their lives to increase the power of the Party. The Party succeeds in doing so based on the fear of its people to be loyal and accept what the government tells them. If they do not comply, they are warned of facing the wrath of the Ministry of Love. Therefore, the government in 1984 strategically uses propaganda to ignite fear from the masses that if someone dares to commit thoughtcrime or facecrime, they will be taken away in the night to await their fate, vanishing from

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