The Effects Of Social Psychology On The Behavior And Mental Processes Of Human Beings

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Social Psychology is a science that studies the influences of our situations, paying particular attention to the way we see ourselves, interact and affect each other, and thus creating theories and experiments that demonstrate the cause-effect relationship.
Social psychologists organize their ideas and findings theories (integrated set of principles that explain and predict the observed events), explaining the facts (statements about what we observe accepted). The abstract theories and make predictions, and assumptions that allow us to test the theory, give us direction and allows the investigation of theories practicalities. A good theory summarizes many observations and allows clear predictions to confirm / modify the theory, make new explorations and suggest a practical application.
A psychologist is a professional who has studied the conduct, behavior and mental processes of human beings. People expect a psychologist arrange all his personal problems, what they do, it is to guide customers so they can fix their problems, listen to them and motivate them.
The person comes to consult widely with different demands and variables, such as finding a parental relationship, which demands the direction of your life or perhaps a confirmatory request in order to make their own decisions, expectations which the patient comes to the consultation are very diverse.
We may find people with very negative expectations, derived both from past bad experiences, such as being forced or pushed…

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