The Effects Of Social Networking On Adolescents Essay

1179 Words Aug 7th, 2014 5 Pages
Social Networking sites have grown more and more popular as technology has improved. It is almost impossible to walk down a crowded street and not see at least two people on their cell phone, tablet, or laptop. As social networking becomes more and more important in our daily lives, the idea of face to face conversation is no longer given any importance. Studies indicate a dramatic increase in depression especially in adolescents. It is estimated about ten to fifteen percent of children and teens are depressed at any given time. Research indicates that one in every four adolescents will experience depression during high school with the average being fourteen years. Many have blamed it on the increase of social networking sites within the same time frame, others just mark it as a coincidence because social networking is supposed to be fun and harmless. The amount of teens using social networking sites has increased rapidly throughout the years. Many spend hours on end creating their sites and editing it to perfection. It is almost impossible to not be sucked into the idea of making one’s life seem more interesting than it really is, and with social media it has become much easier. Individuals should place a higher importance on living a fulfilling life than about creating a flawless online persona. This will lead to a more fulfilling life and happier individuals. Some individuals believe that social networking and documenting our every move online is simple fun and a…

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