The Effects Of Social Interaction On Social Interactions Today And How It 's Really Changed

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Is interaction important? – talk more about social interaction today and how it’s really changed. And how we are more connected than ever today and yet macrosocial interaction seems to be struggling.
Humans are an expressive species. ‘Communication is one of those everyday activities that is intertwined with all of human life so completely that we sometimes overlook its pervasiveness, importance, and complexity.’ ( (Littlejohn & Foss, 2010) It is a key part of social interaction which can be described as ‘an exchange between two or more individuals’- a vital part of creating a diverse, yet strong, social capital (Boundless,2016; Lesser, 2000).
Social interaction is also pivotal in the early stages development of babies for their learning of social skills and language (Long, 1990) It’s also at this stage that children develop a sense of ‘self’ (Barrett, 1999) to eventually become a functioning member of society.
In humans, social interaction is classified into two groups: Macrosociology and Microsociology. Both classifications contribute greatly to social structure and encompass culture, social class, roles and social institutes which in turn governs an individual’s behaviour and attitude (Henslin, 2006). The latter classification underpins symbolic interaction which looks after interaction mainly through

The purpose of this report is to understand why individuals are reluctant to interact in public places. Phase 1 will explore the environments social…

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