Essay on The Effects Of Smoking On The Body

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Smoking kills over 1,200 people a day and has a total death toll of over 100 million people. In the past, smoking was culturally appropriate. People were not aware of the damage smoking can cause on the body. Today, there is no question wether smoking cigarettes are detrimental to one’s health. In Thank You For Smoking, the main character, Nick Naylor, lobbies for big tobacco, but finds it hard to balance his morals for his job, with those of being a parent. Throughout the movie, Nick tries to prevent an anti-smoking campaign from putting warning labels on the cigarette boxes. He succeeds in his attempts, however, later quits his job from big tobacco. It seems as if Nick has developed morals and will stop lobbying, however, he immediately receives a job to lobby for anti- cancer telephone lobbies. In Thank You For Smoking, Nick influences his son to smoke by bringing him on business trips, fighting the anti-smoking campaign, and attempting to advertise smoking in movies. However, the movie portrays him as a likable protagonist even though he supports big tobacco. 
 Throughout the movie the tobacco lobby team is focused on achieving their goal of expanding the tobacco industry by influencing more people to smoke. Nick Naylor and the lobbyist company are depicted as the positive characters. An example of this is how Joey’s step dad is a doctor who knows how bad cigarettes are and tried to speak to Nick about it. However, Nick immediately shuts him down. Movies that have…

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