The Effects Of Sexual Assault On The Disabled Community Essay

946 Words Nov 13th, 2016 4 Pages
As pointed out by Plummer & Findley, there is a lack of research in how people with disabilities (cognitive, developmental, behavioral, physical, and learning) experience sexual assault. Due to these groups having a protected status, it can be difficult for inclusive research to be completed. Consequently, what little research has been done tends to focus on rates of abuse within the disabled community rather than expanding on topics of how these people experience assault, recover from assault, as well as understandings of how outside parties react to assault disclosures. Current research suggests that women with disabilities tend to face higher levels of sexual victimization than non-disabled populations. Martin, Ray, Sotres-Alvarez, Kupper, Moracco, Dickens, Scandlin, & Gizlice found that women with disabilities are more than four times as likely to suffer from sexual abuse, particularly repeated sexual abuse, in their life as non-disabled women (2006). Having cognitive disabilities was most strongly associated with sexual assault than other forms of disability (Martin et al., 2006, p. 829). Related to this finding, women with cognitive disabilities were also more likely to suffer from sexual abuse perpetrated by a caregiver than a partner or friend (Nannini, 2006, p. 375). Being disabled can have significant consequences if a person is sexually assaulted or abused. Nannini suggests that having a disability can influence access to services and ability to disclose due…

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