Essay on The Effects Of Sexual Assault Crisis On The United States

2223 Words Nov 29th, 2016 9 Pages
In my beautiful hometown of Missoula, it is unlikely that you will run into anyone who is unaware of the sexual assault crisis that has been national news for a few years. The town has been the focus of national scrutiny. “Practically overnight, Missoula went from being the home of one of the nation’s most respected public universities to a place where young women were victimized in horrible, violent attacks, or as news coverage began describing it, America’s Rape Capital.” (Gray). Missoula is a university town of about 70,000 people, and it has always been proud of its Montana Grizzlies. Since its foundation in 1893, the college has been one of the most respected in the country. The football team has produced professional players, our mascot has been seen across the country as Capital One’s national mascot, and the university produced a Nobel Prize winning chemist (All Nobel Prizes). When national media discovered that over 80 rapes had been reported within the last three years, the other attributes of the university faded. This is an alarming statistic for students, parents, and staff. Because of these revelations, incoming freshman are warned about sexual assault repeatedly in numerous ways: Never go anywhere alone at night, carry protection, don 't leave your drink unattended, don 't go to a party where you don 't know anyone, and call for help if you feel threatened. These are examples newcomers are advised to heed when entering college. Even though the sexual assault…

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