Childhood Sexual Abuse During Adulthood

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People can sometimes be insensitive to sexual abuse during the childhood; they fail to recognize the dysfunctions it has throughout ones adulthood. The problem is that sexual abuse creates a strenuous disability for people. This issue is important because child sexual abuse happens every day, and just one simple touch can dysfunction one’s life through being sexualized at such young age. This dysfunction affects any race, any sex and any age, children who have been sexually abused at a young age causes not only grief for the young child but for people who resides in the child environment. Adults who have been sexually abused during the childhood face early pregnancy, substance usage, and STD/HIV contractions.
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It compares the difference between adults who have been abused when they were a child, and adults who had been abuse only during their adulthood. The research question of this studied is “P. O’Leary et al., (2006) The Effects of Severe Child Sexual Abuse and Disclosure on Mental Health during Adulthood”. The sample consisted of 172 adults who were sexually abused in childhood. The research method consists of a multivariate design. Researchers used a community hotline asking people who were 21 years and older about their sexual experiences. This helped research distinguish who were abused in the childhood and who were abused in their adulthood. The research method also contained measurements of the frequency and durations of the abuse. The results of this study show that “The younger the respondent was at the time he or she was first sexually abused, the greater the number of mental health symptoms the respondent reported as an adult. If the abuse occurred more than once, then the respondents tended to report more mental health symptoms as adults. Similar to other studies, sexual abuse that occurred over a longer period of time was related to more mental health symptoms” (P. O’Leary et al., 2010). In conclusion this study shows that adults who were sexual abused in their childhood encountered mental health issues as an adult. This study also revealed that the younger the child …show more content…
In these studies we’ve learned that child sexual abuse is not just an event that occurs in life, that it is in fact a tragic event that causes brain dysfunction: that leaves people who have been sexual abused in horrible places. Adults who had been sexually abused as a child have high chances of early pregnancy, substance usage, HIV, or even harming someone through sexual abuse. The studies came up with the same results, they both found that adults who were sexually abused as a child had greater mental effects than adults who weren’t sexual abused. Children mental capacity isn’t mature enough to tame such a situation as big as sexual abuse; they are now labeled as abnormal due to the interruptions in their developing stages. The only thing that needs to be done is to find a better way to help and teach children how to live in this world with their

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