The Effects Of Race On One 's Self Identity And Worldview Essay

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How my Development Would Be Different if I Were Born a Female This is a difficult question, because an extremely large portion of my self-concept and identity revolves around my male gender. There is much talk and debate about the effects of race on one’s self identity and worldview, but I identify far more with being a man than I do with being White (this could be a result of White privilege). Much of this identity was passed down through my family structure. Best (2009) stated that, “Social role theory suggests that people know the stereotypes about men and women, and they know they will be rewarded for behaving in ways that are consistent with those stereotypes,” (p. 347). Growing up, gender roles were very defined. My father, who was a mechanic, worked and did typically masculine chores, like mowing the lawn, working on the cars, and housework that involved manual labor. Essentially, he came from work, maybe mowed the lawn once a week; but in essence, his work was complete. As for my mother, who also worked a full-time job, her “second job” began the minute she walked in the door. While never asked, it was assumed that she would take care of all the housework (cooking and cleaning), as well as care for the children. If I had been growing up in this household as a young girl, I may have learned through familial environment, that my role as woman never stopped. I would be required to maintain an entire household, as well as contribute financially.
Biological Factors As…

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