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Why Are We So One Sided About Gender Issues? Being transgender, the topic of gender is one that I have personally thought about and experienced greatly. This has made me need to step out of the normal social norms as I find and figure myself out. One thing I have really noticed as I have made this transition in my life is the vastly different ways women and men are treated. There’s the obvious portrayal that women aren’t as good as males, but that has been talked about many times before, and I bet it will be in most, if not all of the other essays. Yes, this is an issue, but I find the more pressing matter to be about men. As evident in even our homework assignment, which says “Men this includes you too!”, there is definitely something wrong …show more content…
You might think that the mistrust of females is much worse and more frequent than what happens to men, but there are two glaring issues with that thought process. First, it is wrong to only account for the biggest problem, even if there are smaller ones that need attention. If rape numbers are smaller for males, for example, then that doesn’t mean that they don’t still need help. Sexual assault of any type should be taken seriously no matter where it comes from. Second, the numbers actually say that the issue is pretty much the same from both sides. Don’t believe me? Cathy Young’s article in Time Magazine clears it all up, saying “that women rape men as often as men rape women”(Young). Unfortunately, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which reports on the statistics of sexual assault from both …show more content…
I’ve already brought up how I was as a small child, but now it’s notably a lot different now that I’m an adult. Stepping into male gender roles has been quite difficult, and almost a bit scary at times. I don’t get the emotional security blanket for appearing as a female, and I feel as though I have to be tough. Honestly, even though I am a guy, I am not a strong person, and that makes me feel self conscious about who I am. Over time, I hope that I can combat these feelings and not have to feel that I have to fit male stereotypes.
In conclusion, I do think that we need to tone down our attention to women and balance out our concern about sexism to men as well. If we can find balance between these issues, then maybe we can make both sides more equal. This is just a far away fantasy though unfortunately, but I can

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