The Effects Of Poverty

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Poverty is a major concern not only in our society but as well as societies all over the world. There are many forms in which someone falls below the poverty level such as economics. Society is split into groups in which the main focus is helping the rich. We have upper, middle, and lower class; within each class there are sub categories (upper-middle class, middle-lower class, etc.). Usually whatever class you are born into is the class you will remain in. not all cases are like that and some people end up in poverty because they enter the foster care system or dependent on the government. Some people can also make it out of the lower class, but it’s very rare and easier to fall into poverty then get out.
There is a big industry that circulates
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When it comes to the most vulnerable people these people are consider the families who are the most “impoverished or fragile” in society. These groups of people rely mainly on aid to get by in life. Agencies will take advantage of these people because they know they will get what they want because these groups of people won’t fight back because they are so dependent on assistance. Foster youth are just as dependent on financial aid; these poor children suffer being placed in the foster care system. The system is supposed to protect and support them yet they are sometimes being scammed out of money and valuables. Many foster children when getting out of the system are unable to support themselves because they lack money and resources to turn to. Without the money or support they turn to the streets or violence. Abused and neglected children are often taken from the families but this only happens to certain families. For instances, poverty families are more likely to have their child removed then someone who is middle class. This I because the middle class has money to hide the abuse for the public’s eyes or the public’s eyes are turned away from the abuse. The child who was being abused is then …show more content…
Agency self-interest often scam and find ways to maneuver around they system to gain revenue. Agencies are able to mask and keep the scams behind closed doors because the government and society don’t care about the poor; they are able to keep them in the “dark”. Agencies also take on rules as “guardians” these guardians are often people who look after and keep track of a person who is disabled, elderly, or a minor. Human service agencies were not all bad some are good and do help the people they serve but with “shrinking budgets” and lack of support the agencies turn to a hungry feed of money rather than heling the ones they say they are going to help. Some agencies are seeking support from the government to fund and give money to help then give support to those in need. Yet, when they do revive aid to help others they are often controlled by the state and told to follow guidelines. We live in a twisted society that abused the system that we set

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