The Effects Of Pornography On Teens And Adults With Their Daily Social Lives

1154 Words May 11th, 2015 null Page
The central research is how easily accessible pornography is to people anywhere and everywhere. Pornography has effect on teens and adults with their daily social lives. The methods used to analyze the problem are comparing statics from different cites, a personal experience from a dad and son, and the consequences porn has on its viewers. My topic is important because technology is advancing, which means more people can find easier ways to look up pornography.
Background and Significance: As technology has advanced over the years pornography has “evolved and developed, but it wasn 't until the 20th Century that pornography was able to find its way in literally every aspect of modern society” (Alex). There are two sides to the porn, the one that suggest that watching porn provides a healthy way to explore sexuality and the other side argues against porn wanting it to be eliminated completely. Porn has resulted in failed marriages, addictions, psychological issues, and social issues effecting individuals everywhere. Pornography started almost a thousand years prior to now. “Human sexuality has played a major role in a majority in developing societies” (Alex), but the development of Judeo-Christain system restricted them from doing do. The restriction didn 't stop them though, statistics show that an “estimate of one of eight women in the 18th century New York was working as a part or full time prostitute” (Alex), which in a form is consider pornography. Compared to back…

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