Morality Of Pornography

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Pornography is not something that is new to recent generations. In fact, pornography existed way before humans were able to take pictures or record videos. (Pappas, 2010 para. 2). Throughout history, pornography implements that human beings have always been interested in sex images. (Pappas, 2010 para. 2). For many years, there have been heated debates on the morality of pornography. Although some are critics of pornography there are some advocates as well. (Chilcoat, 2006 page 2). John Stuart Mill was an influential utilitarian that had a theory that stated as long as no harm is being done to others than it should be considered as moral. (Mosser, 2013 sec. 2.4). However, before we can determine the morality behind pornography, we must first …show more content…
For years, people have had heated debates over the morality or immorality of pornographic material. Everyone has their different opinions on whether or not pornography has any moral value. Most people will not view pornography as a consensual act or forced which in return causes self-respect to embellish. (Vernon, 1996). As Americans, we have the right to freedom of speech. (Mosser, 2013 sec. 2.4). Pornography would fall under this right. Therefore, pornography should not be censored because it would violate an individuals need that people have in order for their lives to be satisfactory. Every person has the right to self-expression and pornography is a form of sexual expression. (Sushma, 2014). Looking at pornographic material from a utilitarian view one must agree that pornography is ethical. When willing adults entertain themselves with pornography or involves themselves in the making of pornography, they are not causing harm to anyone. Pornography is simple self-pleasure, just as a person smoking or drinking alcohol. (Mosser, 2013 sec 2.4). Self-pleasure is a form of happiness and in John Mills theory happiness for the most …show more content…
Deontology is a theory that believes morality is a duty or rule that ought to be followed. (Staveren, 2007 pg. 1). What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. It is the morality of principles, not consequences, unlike the utilitarian theory. From this view, pornography is the cause of the destruction of families, promotion of violent crime, unjust treatment of women, and objectification. (Rea, 2001 pg.1). There are many different ways to access pornography. Some people like to watch pornographic material via the internet. This in return can cause families to destruct. When one becomes consumed with pornography they tend not to show their partner the attention they require in order to have a stable and healthy relationship. (Schneider, Weiss, & Samenow, 2012 pg. 2). According to psychologist hardcore pornography can instigate violent crimes and aggression. (Wongsurwat, 2006 pg. 1). These crimes are not only acted out on women, but children as well. Deontologists believe that our women and children should be protected and anything that promotes harm to women and children should be ruled as immoral. A deontologist would view pornography as exploiting women. Pornography insinuates that women are nothing more than sexual objects, and this cannot be good for our society to be obsessed with sex. Pornography harms humanity and lessens the values of society. Pornography separates a healthy

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