The Effects Of Pollution On The Environment Essays

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The state of the environment and its declining health due to pollution has been an issue discussed and brought to the public’s attention on numerous platforms. The fear of losing a more comfortable lifestyle overrides the fear of permanently destroying the environment. People hear that the damage done to the environment is irreversible; however, taking away materialistic objects that appear to make life simpler is a risk most humans are willing to take. Little does the population realize that choosing that lifestyle will cause irretrievable damage to their health and the health of the world that they take advantage of for their luxuries. Symptoms of air pollution in humans range from allergies, all the way to problematic heart and lung damage and in some cases even death. The effects of the damage done to the environment affect each person differently but each human on planet Earth must deal with the consequences.
Aside from the health of the people, the health of the planet is worsening with each year that passes. Obvious effects of pollution are the harm it does to the health of not only people but also the plant and wildlife. Occurrences of pollution such as acid rain, depletion of the ozone layer, crop and wildlife deprivation and climate change are on a global level.
Acid rain can exist on Earth in any form of precipitation, wet or dry. This includes rain, sleet, snow, gas, and particles, to name a few. Once acid rain reaches the atmosphere, it immediately begins the…

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