The Effects Of Plastic Materials On Consumers And Producers Essay

2335 Words Nov 16th, 2016 10 Pages
Packaging is significant both to consumers and producers. To the consumer, excellent packaging means good storage of products; thus, preventing them from contamination(Schafer, 2015). For instance, no one would want to eat poorly packaged food that may be subjected to contamination. The consequences may be dire and costly. Different materials have been used for product packages, but plastics lead the way in terms of the most frequently used packaging material by many industries globally. A large percentage of products in a supermarket shelf are packaged using plastics. The water people drink, the food they eat and the electronics they buy are contained in different forms of plastic material. However, the use of plastic packages is not a problem. The problem lies in the way these plastic materials are disposed of by man.
The sight of numerous plastic bottles, bags and cans lying almost anywhere in many neighborhoods suggest that disposal of plastic materials is not done in an appropriate manner. As a result, man’s environment remains affected by the huge number of plastic debris accumulated over time. The environment is integral to man and animal survival. A clean environment ensures a smooth interaction among the various parties forming the ecosystem that becomes balanced at the end. However, environmental pollution has adverse effects not only on the lives of human beings but other living organisms as well. The accumulation of plastic debris in the environment has led to…

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