Essay on The Effects Of Parental Alcoholism On Children

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Nowadays, drinking alcohol became one of the biggest issues we have to encounter because many violent crimes involved alcohol. The U.S statistic showed that there are about 320 million people in the U.S, and about 17 million people are alcoholics. Which means that one in every 12 adults suffer from alcohol abuse, and alcohol dependence. Jeannette Walls, the author of Glass Castle, also had a father who was alcoholic. In her childhood, her life was not easy because she did not get any proper protections or supplies from her parents. She never got good meal, or safe house. But most importantly, her alcoholic father was the one who bothers her the most. When he is drunk, he becomes violent and sometimes he gets into a fight with his wife, which is not a good thing to show his children. Just like Jeannette Walls, I also have a father who drinks frequently, and I understand perfectly how parental alcoholism affects children. I think that parental alcoholism affects children physically, mentally, and financially. Even though drinking alcohol affects people in many different ways, it affects their children mentally the most. During infancy or childhood, good parenting or nurturing is really important because it will influence children’s behavior greatly, such as delinquency, criminality, and academic problems. By the meaning of good parenting, the parents need to provide their children positive discipline and excellent support. Most importantly, parents should not be alcoholics…

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