Essay about The Effects Of Obesity On The Human Body

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“More than two thirds of Americans are now overweight or obese which means less than one third of American adults are healthy weight” (Rossen 2010,p.17). Obesity is when a person’s BMI (Body Mass Index) is 30-39.99 or in extreme obesity > 40. The most common cause of weight gain is from food consumption. When people go out to eat, restaurants have large portions. With these larger portions the body becomes used to these large amours of food intake. In their mind the food intake may just be enough to feel full, little do they know they have consumed a high amount of calories. Constantly taking in this great number of calories lead to a higher intake then the output of energy they use in their every day lives. In some cases, the person has little to no control over their weight gain (Rossen 2010,p.56). Genes play a large role in how the human body is built. There are two types of genetic causes of obesity, monogenic and polygenic. Monogenic affects the chemicals that control the weight homeostasis. Polygenic involves many contributing factors as to why these people gain weight (Rossen 2010,p.57). People can not blame genes for being over weight or obese. A person’s childhood also plays a role in weight gain as adult. Baby formula fed children showed signs of significant amount of weight gain (Rossen 2010,p.58). While breast fed children did not gain significant amount of weight. Not only what a parent fed their child but how much they fed their child affect the child 's…

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