The Effects Of Music On Children 's Learning Essay

777 Words Nov 30th, 2015 4 Pages
Music can influence and strengthen a child 's mind through learning to play an instrument. Music has been around for thousands of years, nearly every civilization that ever existed had some form of music. Recent studies have shown incredible benefits for people who learn to play a musical instrument. These benefits should be utilized in school to achieve a higher standard of education. The school board in Bullhead City should require Coyote Canyon Elementary school to have a music class for their students to indulge themselves in because it can improve the brain activity of their students, lower their stress levels, and boost the students self confidence.
Teaching children to play an instrument at Coyote Canyon can help improve the students intelligence. This happen by music increasing literacy skills through learning to hear and process sounds they could not hear before speeding the development of neurological distinction. In addition children that only listen to music don’t get any benefits that other students get from playing an instrument (Locker). Children that have utilized the Kodaly method, a method created over many years to finding the best results music training exercises, have shown evidence of improved reading, arithmetic, as well as intelligence (Kokotsaki and Hallam).
Playing music is also one of the best ways to reduce stress throughout a student 's day. Susan Kuchinskas, a respected journalist and neuroscience enthusiast, mentioned that, “Researchers now…

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