The Effects Of Media On Society 's Opinion On War Essay examples

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Media has the power to change people’s opinion on war, but it is up to those people to decide whether or not they want to be influenced. I think that most people hold firm beliefs regarding war, whether they are against it, or for it. When they go to see a movie, or watch a television show, they do not necessarily go with the intention of changing their opinion, so they just tend to block out any ideas that are contradicting to their beliefs. However, the few that actually absorb the information and see that war is not necessarily the answer, will most likely make a difference in their lives, and maybe even the world. When watching the episode of Star Trek “A Taste of Armageddon” some people were probably enlightened and changed their opinion on war, but others most likely just saw it as entertainment and did not think about the deeper meaning behind the episode. Media provides good information, it may not always be obvious what is being said, but many topics such as racism, xenophobia and anti-war messages can often be seen. Racism/xenophobia were issues tackled in the episode. Although it was not the main focus of the show, it was clear to see. Those two issues can arise from the need to feel superior or not fully understanding the other person. However, if people took the time to get to know one another, they might start to care about something more than themselves. They would not base all their judgement on racist/xenophobic ideas, and as a result a lot of violence will…

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