The Effects Of Living On Minimum Wage Essay

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The social problem that I have chosen to write about is the issue of the livability (or lack thereof) of the minimum wage in the city of Chicago. I think it’s a social problem because the current minimum wage in Chicago, $10/hr ( is not nearly enough for people to live off of, and it impacts a gigantic number of people. About 329,000 people in Chicago make under $15 an hour [the proposed minimum wage] (Fortino 1). A social problem also involves people needing a resource that is not readily available to them, and in this instance, it involves people needing money that isn’t there when it’s needed. One of the major effects of living on minimum wage is emotional stress and feelings of anxiety. An article from the February 2, 2014 issue of The Chicago Tribune shared some first-hand stories from people living on minimum wage. One woman, Rocio Cervantes said, “It is impossible to live at $8.25 an hour…not even three jobs are enough… ” Cervantes described herself as ‘panicked, at times’ when she thought about how she’d pay all her bills (McCoppin 1). Another woman, Akila Rose Thompson, another minimum wage earner, said, “As the hours go by, you make the quick calculation in your head — 'I made $30 today. Is that enough to get a bus pass? Pay the phone bill?’".. "It is always on your mind. It 's a lot of stress. Simple things like laundry and food, you wonder if you will have enough money in your pocket.” (McCoppin 1) Money isn’t everything, but it’s definitely…

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