The Effects Of Learning On An Individual Essay

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Learning is a part of everyday life. Whether it is discovering a new dance step for your Bharatanatyam class or practicing counting skills with a kindergartener, learning is achieved. The effects of learning on an individual are important for the development of children. But is the take on education being altered? How is the teaching in institutions preparing students for tests such as the SAT, if it is? In her article, “Accountable to Whom? Teacher Reflections on the Relationship between Creativity and Standardized Testing in Ontario,” Catherine Dishke – Hondzel talks about standardized testing using the perceptions of teachers to validate her idea. She uses eight teachers of the fifth, sixth and seventh grades to participate in a series of interviews which are audio – recorded and transliterated into written form. The teachers are given pseudonyms rather than giving out their real identities. Through the research conducted, I have seen that there is an issue involving standardized testing and how they relate to the teaching methods of schools, which furthermore affect the creativity of students. This article is not completely leaning towards a side, because it is observing teachers and the research is based off of their opinions.
The article being studied talks about the correlation (if any) between standardized testing and creativity, and was conducted in Ontario. 8 teachers were asked to look at how their methods of teaching are accountable for the two terms. Responses…

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