Essay about The Effects Of Juvenile Death Penalty On The Justice System

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Juvenile Death Penalty

There is a lot of controversy as to where there should be a death penalty in the justice system or if they should get rid of it. There have been several inmates on death row that end up being innocent. There must be more stipulations in place in order to sentence a criminal with the death sentence. There is also controversy over whether juvenile death sentence is unconstitutional. There are several scientific studies where it shows that juveniles have less cognitive development than that of an adult as well as they are prone to peer pressure. In the case of Sean Sellers, he was sentenced to death. Part of the reason one of the jurors said they gave him the death sentence was because Oklahoma only had two choices at the time of his crime. Life with the possibility of parole or death. If they would have given Sean the life with parole he would of only served about 7 to 15 years of his sentence and then be released and they believe that was too low of a punishment for someone who committed 3 murders. They decided to go with the death penalty because at that time, Oklahoma had not executed anyone in 2o years, at the time of the trial. I do not believe that his cognitive was a factor in his reasoning behind these murders he committed. His friend testified that he just wanted to see what it was like to kill someone, this was the murder he committed in 1985. He later killed his parents in 1986. If it was just to see how it felt then why is it that he had…

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