Juvenile Death Penalty Essay

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The death penalty issue has always been one of the most important issue of the justice system. For many years ago, the majority of the criminals were adults over 20, but nowadays the situations have changed. The number of criminal not only grown up by adults but also by children who are under 18 years old committed murders and other horrible crimes. Capital punishment has been widely use almost everywhere in this country for some people who broke the law. On the one hand, people who favor in death penalty believe that if someone in the community has done something brutal to anyone’s life deserve to pay for his or her action no matter how old he is. They also believe death penalty does reduce crime by scaring youth who might commit
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Most of those kids who committed the brutal crime have had a problem about their background. Some of them are being abused, taking drug, or see some violence since they were kids. “If a child has been raised in a house where different men are coming and going, mother is drinking during the day, often leaving the child to fend for himself, the child having to deal with neighbors in a violence-torn community, that’s the only norm the child knows,” says Dr. John Griffith(30). This information indicated that many juvenile offenders have grown up being abused and neglected by those who look after them, living in the dangerous environment, and seen all kind of violence. Children have never been taught how to live their right in the good way because they were surrounded by the people who use violence to solve the problem. In their perspective of the world would not see the violence is bad because they have seen people in the neighborhood using violence as a normal thing. When they do not know how to solve the problem, they resorted violence and assume that would work for them. Children who are abused are more likely to commit the crimes than any children who live in the good

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