The Effects Of Interpersonal Violence On Children Essay

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The effects of interpersonal violence is detrimental to all persons, but especially children of which are an extremely vulnerable population or target. A child’s cognitive development is imperative to ones future, maltreatment of the child endangers successful development and future well-being. Maltreatment of a child comes in various forms such as neglect and abuse, the effects of these negative behaviors are usually a direct effect of a child’s caretaker’s actions or lack thereof. Child maltreatment is more common than what we, as a society, choose to realize. With knowledge and education regarding child maltreatments causes and effects, making a positive difference in a child’s life is possible.
Most studies find that there is a correlation between child maltreatment and negative cognitive development, behavior, and one’s future. Collective findings typically consist of low IQ, subpar communication skills, aggression, and mental illnesses. When comparing five scholarly articles, the common trend appears to be that of maltreatment being detrimental children regardless of the type, as long as it was consistent maltreatment there is correlation between it and negative impacts of adolescent years and adulthood.
Literature Review
In Jaffee and Maikovich-Fong’s (2011) article reviewing the effects of chronic maltreatment and development, it was found that there is in fact a strong correlation between continued maltreatment and cognitive and behavioral deficits. The study…

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