Essay on Child Abuse And Neglect Prevention

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Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

Child abuse and neglect is a series social problem that affects millions of children across the world. According to UNICEF (2015), child abuse includes cases of violence, child labor, child abuse, female genital mutilation, child trafficking, child marriage, and general violation of children’s rights such as the right to play and education. Child maltreatment is a broad term defined as any intentional or unintentional act or behavior from parents or adults that can harm a child physically or emotionally(AIFS, 2015). This include particularly five types of childhood abuse which are, physical abuse, neglect,psychological abuse, sexual abuse and witnessing to domestic violence (AIFS, 2015). This paper will put the light on child abuse and neglect issues as they are the forgotten victims of domestic violence. Parents or guardians who fail to protect, provide and offer guidance to the children under their care, significantly contribute to the problem of child neglect that opens the opportunity for child abuse. UNICEF (2015) believes that the problem of child abuse is complex because the little data available with the official authorities cover only a small fraction of the problem. Many children who face abuse do not report the cases to the authorities for fear of repercussions.

Cases of child abuse and negligence are present in areas where children are not aware of their rights or channels of seeking help. (Lonne and Parton, 2014)…

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