The Importance Of ADHD In Schools

“Having a child with ADHD is the most difficult thing you will ever have to deal with, because it never ends. Every single day is an exercise in patience (or lack thereof) and forgiveness (you trying to forgive yourself for lack of patience)”(DRB, 4.2.)! Schools all over the world are struggling with young children not being able focus on a main task during school or other activities. This is not just happening at school, but at home as well. Parents and teachers are noticing it more and more every day. Some people think its a silly diagnosis, but it clearly is not. Professionals, guidance counselors, parents, and especially teachers are noticing these symptoms and learning more about ADHD and not only making a change for the child, but …show more content…
Some people think that children are being over diagnosed, but ADHD is a real thing. Teachers especially are noticing these symptoms in children because that is when the children act out the most, when they are suppose to be sitting down quietly and paying attention. Teachers cannot diagnose a child in their classroom with this certain disorder, but they can take notes and make a dialogue of what the child is specifically doing. Starting as young as preschool, teachers and parents can start noticing their children actions when it comes to certain things. Hyperactivity is one of the most common symptoms a child that age would have. Even though teachers cannot diagnose any child, they are the most frequent person to be around that child and see how that child behaves in a classroom setting. Teachers are trained and suppose to know what to look for in the classroom when it comes to children possibly having ADHD. A few things a teacher can look for is, fidgeting, constant movement, acsessive talking, and if the student is rushing through their assignments. For example, a child can sit there and twirl their hair, click a pen, or even chew on their eraser. A person who suffers with ADHD is doing almost anything but listening. A teacher cannot tell a child’s parents or guardians that their child has ADHD, but a school therapist or psychologist can perform certain tests and determine if that child suffers from ADHD. Since the symptoms of ADHD is similar to other disorders such as depression, anxiety, or another learning disorders, when being diagnosed, a child undergoes many surveys and tests. Some schools tend to put their children in special education classes after being diagnosed so they can get better one on one

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