The Effects Of Harsher Prison Sentences On People And Other Racial Minorities

1544 Words Oct 27th, 2016 7 Pages
Studying crime is an interesting topic because there are so many theories surrounding why people commit crimes. Although there are several theories pertaining to crime, there are few that stand out when exploring criminal activities. Theories such as strain theory or differential association theory are based around a persons surroundings, that those surroundings are what causes them to commit crimes. Although these theories make extremely good arguments, they suggest that others are to blame for criminal activities and not the person who commits the crime. Realism however, looks at the individual who committed the crime as the person at fault. It was out of their free will and personal choice to commit the crime. This research paper will demonstrate how right realism and the belief that longer prison sentences does not have a positive effect on crime control. Providing evidence through the effects a more punitive justice system has on the family of offenders. Additionally, the effect harsher prisons have on Indigenous people and other racial minorities. Furthermore, this paper will demonstrate how harsher prison sentences leads to mass incarceration, which then effects prison overcrowding. Right realism is not a realistic theory when dealing with crime prevention. Governments should concentrate on rehabilitating offenders and reintegrating them back into society. Realism dealing with crime and criminal behaviours believes that the act one commits is over personal choice…

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